Proposal Slate #1 (2021-2022)

WG1. Guidance paper regarding DAO legal claim standing. [DAO Structure & Risk Mitigation Bounties]
WG2. Position paper on MiCA Commission's proposal. [Policy/Legal Position Paper Bounties]
WG3. DAO Model Foundation Structure. [DAO Structure & Risk Mitigation Bounties]
WG4. DAO Coop / Labor Union Model. [DAO Structure & Risk Mitigation Bounties]
WG5. Section 409A amendment - proposal to establish a safe harbor for smart contract systems that if they pay a ‘greater of’ %-based or flat tax, they will fit into safe harbor for certain tax-related risks. [Model Legislation/Regulation Bounties]
WG6. Limited liability for DAOs (forking California or other nonprofit unincorporated association statute). [DAO Structure & Risk Mitigation Bounties]
WG7. SEC Disclosure Proposal. [Model Legislation/Regulation Bounties]
WG8. DeFi Functional Overview. [Policy/Legal Position Paper Bounties]
WG9. Why Worker-Driven DeFi communities are different from VC-backed communities and legal ramifications. [Policy/Legal Position Paper Bounties]
WG10. Position paper on why DeFi smart contract transactions do not meet definitions of ‘swap.’ [Policy/Legal Position Paper Bounties]
WG11. Workable AML/KYC Compliance Model. [Policy/Legal Paper Bounties]
WG12. Amendments TBD. [Model Legislation/Regulation Bounties]