Call to Arms


Law for the people, by the people: Crypto law done in the open.
At the intersection of law and decentralized technologies, the true calling of lawyers is to join with BUIDLers, HODLers & DEgens — partying in autonomous zones, mobilizing nomadic war machines & founding cloud nations
Thus, the LeXpunK army has risen.
For the LeXpunKs, law is visceral; it is pervasive, utterly intimate. Not outside us, but next to us. Under our skin; often, inside our minds. We are autonomous lawyers.
Reforming the regulations of current nation-states is an inadequate legal goal — we must forge our own cloud nations with legal systems built from the ground-up for cryptonative compatibility. A crypto Code of Hammurabi based on powers rather than rights, incentives rather than obligations.
L3X is the social curation and governance token of the LeXpunK Army. 101010101 L3X have been minted for distribution to early strategic allies and members of the LeXpunK and cryptolaw communities. L3X is currently mintable and non-transferable (paused).
LeXpunK DAOs
The Builder Defense DAO is the first DAO of the LeXpunK Army.
The LeXpunK Army is our community of aligned-thinkers. We expect the LeXpunK Army to continue to grow and develop, spawning other LeXpunK DAOs devoted to specific projects or missions. Each LeXpunK DAO will have its own team and funding; some long-term, some transient — like spontaneous cryptonative law firms. LeXpunK DAOs need not utilize a single DAO framework — much like the Army, they should be a playground of governance experimentation.


We own nothing and no one owns us: LeXpunK is not your lawyer. LeXpunK is not a replacement for a lawyer and doesnt seek to be. LeXpunK is focused on collaborating on community resources, in all cases these are draft works for improvement and further tailoring for specific needs.

Open Sourcing

Our goal is to promote open access to community resources and for work product to belong to the people to tailor, rewrite, improve, discuss and spark further conversation.

Law in the Open

We think that crypto law could make great strides by being released from siloed echo chambers and let loose for public comment and improvement. We want crypto law to echo the ethos of the space and be both driven by and responsive to the community.

LeXpunK Belongs to the Streets

LeXpunK is not your girlfriend... errr, lawyer. LeXpunK is not intended to replace the need for counsel but rather to opensource forms, ideas on structure and process to break the cycle of walled gardens and suboptimal results for projects in the space. These resources are intended to be released for further comment and improvement but merely represent collective ideas or a potential starting place for counsel.