🦾Army: Current Working Groups

LeXpunK Army: this is our broader collective where we discuss current events, legislative developments, and other items of importance. We are and will remain telegram-based for the foreseeable future.

Overview of LeXpunK We are a community of lawyers and devs dedicated to providing open source legal resources and support for the DeFi industry with specific sub-DAOs for discrete funded projects, the first of which is a builder-first DeFi Advocacy DAO, providing a voice and advocating for these communities that are facing existential threats from lawmakers around the world.

WANT TO ENLIST? Please fill out our intake: LeXpunK: Join the Army

Army Working Groups: members of the Army that are interested in taking on more active roles are enlisting into specific working groups. We currently have 4 working groups and these groups may subdivide into smaller breakout groups to produce one or more work products:


LeXpunK DAO Working Group

This group is devoted to establishing wet contracts and templates, memoranda on best practices, and all things DAO.

LeXpunK Advocacy Working Group

This is our activism group, we work on responses to regulatory guidance, draft laws, and discuss self-regulatory initiatives

LeXpunK ADR Working Group

This group is a home for our litigators and for work around dispute resolution

LeXpunK Outreach Group

This is our PR, marketing and recruiting group focused on messaging, the website and comms

Our Current Sub-groups that have been established to either facilitate more focused discussion work on specific work product are as follows:

(1) The DAO Governance & Transparency WG:

  • DAO Trust Structures

  • Caymans DAO Structures & Model Docs

  • DAO Defense Guidance Model Docs

  • SEC Proposals

  • Coop DAO Structures & Model Docs

  • DAO Governance & Transparency (governance public goods, disclosures and conflict of interest policies)

(2) The Advocacy WG: Our activism working groups are currently broken down into a US advocacy group and a Euro group

**If you want to join a group, please message @sydneylauren, @SHBrennan, @birdman_haxxor or another admin to join. We have gone back and forth on an admissions policy and this allows us to better keep tabs on active Army members and skill sets.

(3) LeXpunK English / Common Law Workspace [and Europe]

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